Is English important for your career?

Is English important for your career?

Does learning English improve your career opportunities? Absolutely!

• English is spoken in many countries worldwide and is often the nominated language to use in many industries such as aviation. Learning English gives you the skills necessary to begin or advance a career in an industry where English is a required language.

• If you work in an international industry, having English language skills could mean you have the opportunity to travel or even live in different countries. It is important in many different industries such as retail, sales, administration, marketing, transportation, tourism, banking, law and many many more.

• Being proficient in the English language could get you ahead of other candidates when you’re applying for a new job or a promotion. Speaking English opens up a wide range of new opportunities both in your career and in your personal life.

• Being able to show you’ve learned a foreign language like English will show employers that you’re dedicated and have a work/study ethic. It also shows you are a dedicated and hard-working person and these are skills employers look for.

• Lastly, learning English at a London language school will give you countless opportunities to put your new-found skills into practice with native speakers, and, perhaps even in a workplace environment.

Now that we know how important learning English is for your career, what course should you choose?
At Rose of York we have many specific courses that can help you further your career!
Firstly, you could choose to study a Cambridge Exam course:

If you want to work in an English speaking country or study in an English speaking college or university, it has never been more important to prove that you have the right level of English with a good exam result.

A CAE exam preparation course will:
• Improve your speaking and listening, reading and writing skills for the exam
• Help strengthen your skills in weaker areas with personal learning plans and targets
• Prepare you with regular tests and mock exams
• Familiarise you with the different accents you’ll hear in the exam
• Improve your language skills and level

One of the best things about Cambridge Exam certificates is that it never expires! Once you have passed the exam and received your certificate you will have that confirmation of your level for life.
Or you can choose one of our English for Specific Purposes courses.
These courses are tailored to key internation al industries and there are many to choose from:
• Finance – if you work in banking or finance, then taking a financial English course could open up new opportunities for you to travel or even relocate internationally, as well as being able to work more closely with your colleagues and associates overseas.
• Medical – this is an ideal course for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who want to develop the skills necessary to work in an English-speaking country.
• Law – this course is ideal for people who work in the legal sector, and will develop your terminology by focussing on vocabulary in the civil, common and criminal law areas while developing your communication skills.
• Marketing – if you work in the marketing sector this course will teach you to plan, discuss, design and analyse consumer need whilst building on your vocabulary and communication skills.
• Media – learn about a range of media topics while developing specialist language to write articles, adverts and many different forms of media.
• Tourism and Hospitality – If you work in the tourism or hospitality industries this is the perfect course for you. You will develop the language required to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues alike.

For more information on these courses give our friendly team a call on
0207 580 9888, email [email protected] or visit us at 14 Hallam Street W1W 6JG.

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