Is English important for your career?

• English is spoken in many countries worldwide and is often the nominated language to use in many industries such as aviation. Learning English gives you the skills necessary to begin or advance a career in an industry where English is a required language.

• If you work in an international industry, having English language skills could mean you have the opportunity to travel or even live in different countries. It is important in many different industries such as retail, sales, administration, marketing, transportation, tourism, banking, law and many many more.


6 fun ways to improve your listening!

Below is a list of popular websites that have many listening activities. These activities are free, graded to different levels and cover a variety of different subjects. There are activities that you can complete after the listening to test your understanding. If you missed something you can go back and listen again.

Listening doesn’t always involve sitting down in front of a computer, radio or TV. You can combine listening with going about your day. Listen while you’re on the tube or bus, listen to the buskers as you walk home and listen to announcements at stations. There are opportunities everywhere to practice your listening skills!