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Nab Cottage began as a family, a language school, and an international community in 1983. It has evolved and developed into “one of the most unique language centres in the world” - and it is still a family, a language school, and an international community - all in one. 

• Students and teachers live together and study together
• A continuous interaction in English.
• A maximum of 20 students in the school at any time
• The students are all adults and come from all over the world
• They use a holistic model of learning, encouraging students to behave, think, dream and relax in English
• The school is located in an area of outstanding beauty and tranquility. It overlooks a small lake and is surrounded by mountains.

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School Facilities

  • Common Room / Lounge
  • Computers / Internet Access
  • Garden / Terrace
  • Library
  • Multimedia Facilities
  • Self Study Room

What People Say About

  • Common Room / Lounge (Rate 3.00)
  • Computers / Internet Access (Rate 5.00)
  • Garden / Terrace (Rate 3.00)
  • Library (Rate 5.00)
  • Multimedia Facilities (Rate 3.00)
  • Self Study Room (Rate 5.00)


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