Quality Teaching

Our teachers are all native speakers of French and have at least a university degree. They are continually monitored and participate in regular training courses which allow them to adapt to the technology and recommendations of the European Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Each year 1500 students, young and old, pass through our doors and are warmly welcomed by our friendly team. It is not a surprise that  so  many people have great confidence in us and return to study here year after year. Rest assured that we do everything we can to offer you teaching of the highest quality. Our teaching team varies in size from 5 teachers in the winter to 15 in the summer and is directed by a Director  of  Studies.

A dynamic method

We emphasise the "communicative approach" to French. Whether students are learning grammar, vocabulary or idioms, they are invited to participate as  much as  possible when they are  in class. This approach is complemented by a more "task orientated" teaching method which follows the recommendations of the Council of Europe. This new approach is more authentic as it allows the students "to learn in action" as if they were working in a company. The students learn French with innovative and modern teaching materials such as CD Roms, DVDs and new books. The staff use  a variety of newspapers, songs and audio-visual material to create a motivating atmosphere in their classes.Our testing methods mean that  the classes are made up of small groups of maximum 10 students, allowing each of them  to  study  in good  conditions .

The evaluation

On the first day students have to take an oral and written test,which  allows us to put them into classes which  are adequate to their french level.The tests are carefully done , so that all students  feel at ease which gives  them  confidence to  speak.

The students get classified into levels from A0 to C2 which are based on the European  Framework  for Languages. At the end of their training at our school , students get a certificate with the oral and written level  they have reached.


The European Framework

For a few years our school has been using a new way of teaching which  comes from the European Council.This new procedure is centered towards the Know-How of the students and less about their  knowledge of theoretical grammmar . The teachers regulary further their training  to operate with this new pedagogical approach .


Quality of our French school in France


We are recognized or member of several organizations such as:

International House World Organisation - 150 schools network in 50 countries.It inspects our school and  provides educational resources for  our teachers.

Groupement FLE - a professional organization of quality control of French schools.

CAMPUS FRANCE helps  foreign students   to join  French  universities

CSN - organization of the Swedish Ministry of Education that sends every year many students wishing to study a foreign language

After an audit by the CIEP representing three Ministries, the label  QUALITE  FLE" was given to us. This official label rewards the best French schools.

We welcome German employees since  we are recognized by  "Bildungsurlaub" existing in Germany.



A humanistic approach to teaching French

International House was founded in 1953 by John and Brita Haycraft. John wanted to renovate training in foreign languages and it has been successful, as many schools in the world still follow its principles especially regarding teacher training. John had another idea: to promote reconciliation and friendship among peoples improving foreign language learning for all. Under the leadership of its director William Rubinstein, the school International House Nice continues in the path marked  by John and Brita Haycraft 60 years ago. During your stay with us, you can be sure to find:

1) A  warm welcome favorable to good learning,

2) A serious but relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and outside the classroom,

3) A mix of students from the youngest (17 years) to the oldest (70 years),

4) The respect we owe to all our students who do us the honor and pleasure to study our language here in France

We love your language, your culture, your country and your social ideas. We respect your religion or atheism, your lifestyle and your skin color. We profess a humanist philosophy that respects all human beings living on our planet. Thank you for learning  French ,a universal language.We will enrich us by your presence and by the ideas you bring us. Realizing that a good relationship is possible between people of all countries and all opinions, you will help during your stay at  International House of Nice, to build a more human and more fraternal world .

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    Nice / Alpes Maritimes
    France - 06000


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