Clubclass news from London

Clubclass news from London

Danish Group
This October, the Knord group from Denmark came to Clubclass London. We had 22 lovely high school students study English with us for 2 weeks. While the students were here, they joined our international classes for General English and also our English for Work module. We also had a special workshop for CV writing, job and interview skills, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all students and they found it very informative and beneficial. After their 2 week language course, the students took a one-week internship programme and were able to put their language skills into action in the areas of accountancy, marketing and customer service. It was a great experience for everyone and we look forward to welcoming more Danish groups in the future.

Erasmus + Integrated English for Massage Therapists
Clubclass London hosted their first group of massage therapists for our new Integrated English for Massage Therapists course. We welcomed massage therapy students and teachers from Estonia to Clubclass London and they studied a 2-week course covering the professional English needed for all aspects of working as a massage therapist. While the students were here, we also had our second transnational meeting with all the partners who are working on this Erasmus + Project. We reviewed the courses and materials, analysed the students’ feedback and planned for future activities and the next groups. As part of our transnational co-operation, Clubclass London also ran a workshop on ‘Innovative Teaching Methods – Task Based Learning’. Participants were able to take part in two demonstration lessons showing the Task Based Learning methodology. They were then able to reflect on the method and brainstorm how they could incorporate it into their own teaching. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and all participants found the workshop very useful. The participants will now be using what they learnt to train other massage therapy teachers in Estonia.


IELTS Results 
We had a few students take their IELTS test in October and we had a lot of high achievers at the school. All students gained at least a 6.5 in their IELTS exams and can now progress to University courses in English. Well done to all our students for such fantastic results!

Meet the staff at Clubclass London – Suzi
Hi, I’m Suzi and I’m from London. I have been teaching for 5 years now and love meeting people from all over the world – I don’t have to travel, all the travellers come to me! It is fantastic learning about different people and cultures. I love my job because every day is different, every class, every student are different. I am a linguist and love learning about different languages, so my students also get to teach me something.



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