We offer English courses in Brighton at most levels, from Elementary to Advanced level. You are tested for your level on the first day of the course, and placed in a suitable group.

Our History

Castle School was founded in 2003 by Andrew Caldwell and Devrim Guven.

It has grown steadily as a result of their teaching philosophy and owners’ philosophy. In 2003 the school moved into its building at 12 Dyke Road and still uses this building for administrative purposes and for some classes.

In 2007 the school purchased a new building at 41 Dyke Road. After a complete refurbishment, the school now has a comfortable and welcoming educational environment with internet access in all rooms and classrooms, excellent lighting, central heating, a small computer room, a snack and refreshment room, and a well equipped Staff Room.

The academic management team of the school currently comprises Paul Silvester and Georgia Ferguson. Late in 2011 Severine Lee was hired as Customer Service/Welfare Manager and this has been received very favourably by the student body.

Our Philosophy

Understandably, Andrew Caldwell and Devrim Guven, the owners of Castle School, want it to succeed. They believe that the best way to achieve success in any industry is by giving people the best possible value for money. Their aim is to beat their many competitors the old fashioned way, by providing better services for less money. This is achieved through their hard work, patience and respect for their students, teachers, administration staff and management team. 

Andrew and Devrim know that students at Castle School will talk to their friends about the school, and their friends will listen to them much more than they will listen to any “clever” advertising. If our students are happy they will recommend the school to their friends, and if they are unhappy they will not recommend it! This is why it is so important that all the students are pleased with their experience , and why we state our promise. It is through this very ethical business philosophy, and this approach to word of mouth marketing, that the school is growing with student numbers increasing every year. Andrew and Devrim encourage prospective students to contact our current students on facebook and twitter to talk about their experience of the school, and to ask them if they feel they are getting good value for money.

Through this very simple philosophy the school has expanded every year since it was founded. Andrew and Devrim are confident that it will continue to do so, because they will always insist on the implementation of their value for money philosophy.


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