Shakespeare Lives

Shakespeare Lives

In February 2016, four students and a teacher from Bloomsbury International took part in the Shakespeare Lives project. They worked extremely hard and spent many hours practising but they all had a fantastic time.


We would like to tell you a little bit about these talented and passionate students and teacher who we are extremely proud of. The students who took part were from four continents:

The elegant Axelle-Aurore Amoa, 25, who played Goneril is from the Ivory Coast. Axelle lived in Lille, France, and studied marketing, graduating in July 2015 before coming to learn English at Bloomsbury International to help her in her goal to work for a multinational company.

Our sweet Zajhira Salimme Fonseca Hassan, 18 (17 at the time), who played Cordelia is from Colombia. Zajhir, a gifted musician and singer, will start her degree in publicity in July. Zajhira said, “William Shakespeare is the original star of drama, romance and comedy. His works continue to be the inspiration of many artists, including my own/myself”.

The talented Thorsten Görner, 49, who played King Lear is from Germany. Thorsten is a professional actor in Berlin, also know by his stage name Charles Lemming. A musician and music fan, Thorsten loved the chance to visit and record in the studio where David Bowie recorded his famous song ‘Diamond Dogs’!

Our sophisticated Thanchanok Thawiwattanakul, 29, who played Regen is from Thailand. Doctor Thanchanok is a skilled surgeon who speaks German as well as English and Thai!

Last but not the least, our very own Bloomsbury teacher Xavier who played the key part, the drummer, supported the students throughout. Xavier, is one of our most popular teachers and he is also a talented musician

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