How It Works


Scoolook is NEW Social Network Tool for Education.

It is a quoting system where the school or their agents can send quotes to potential students from, a social network and marketing platform.

Price is £300 per year +one month free. For the price the schools will have a platform to send quotes from and their agents/partners too. As the agencies will have FREE use always of the system.

Schools get boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram apart from the system. After the boost the students will contact the school directly. Once you have your profile, just tell your agents/partners to get the free embed code and input it on their website (It is as simple as copy and paste).

Here you have an example of how it looks like: HERE and more people access the website. Each time they need, the schools gives us the promotion or something interesting to share and Scoolook team will spread the word.

Since our proper launch (middle January this year) we are adding more memberships every day.

We are keeping the same price for 2 years for the first 100 joining in.  

Coming soon a quoting tool for agencies (free for them) and messaging system between agencies and students that will be up and running bringing more people permanent on the website.

We can also create the school profile (free of charge) and help managing it.

Features/How it works

In Scoolook, the school or our team creates their profile (with its own SEO so you may have a great Google rank) in our website. Please find below some examples of schools page views as well as your statistics)

Once the schools join Scoolook, they will get 6 Facebook BOOSTED posts per year which is also shared across our Instagram and Twitter (school gives us the image and the content and we will spread the word). To see it live please visit :

We have now started to implement the Internal quote and ALSO an internal contact messaging system where your agents and the students worldwide can exchange emails and messages and agents can prepare quotes, save, apply any regional discount and send with their logos to students for free of charge all included on the membership price.

The schools will have access to over 3000+ agencies list worldwide.

The ranking system is now up and running. Best centres will get free advertising banner within Scoolook website for the next year.

It is the cheapest booking, message, fee calculator system available (far cheaper than any other) and you will also get all the marketing and social media support from us.

In short words...

Agencies and Students - Will have FREE access to Scoolook.

Educational Centres - will have a 1 Month FREE Trial Subscription. During this month, Education Centres from all over the world will be able to try out and see what it can do! The centres will have full access to our Scoolook Quote System (SQS) is an embed code which any agency or partner in the world can simply copy and paste on to their own websites, even if the website is very basic, providing immediate quotes for potential students and promoting the subscribed centre.

The good thing is, Educational Centres only update their prices on their Scoolook profile once per year and after that, all they need to do is inform the agencies that they can get the prices direct from the Scoolook Quote System.

See an example of an EMBED CODE (agent page).