What Is Brexit? And What Happens Next?

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This article explains what is the Brexit and what will happen next.

After three years of haggling, the 31th of January, European Union and Britain have split. 

Britain will begin an 11 month transition and will continue to abide by the European Union rules and regulations. That's the time to decide what sort of Brexit to pursue. 

This is a big deal because Britain is the most important export market for Europe. It's also the first source of foreign investment. 

A lot of company have announced they leave Britain because of the Brexit and others ones threatened to do the same. 

Britain has projected that in 15 years, the country's economy would decrease (4 percent to 9 percent smaller). 

Some people saw the Brexit as a triumph because that will stop the immigration that was a threat for their jobs. 

In the future, Britain and European Union will have to find a deal governing. They will have also to do some negotiations about manufactured goods as well as services.

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