The world’s fascinating festivals celebrating in Autumn

Everyone must notice the change of the weather and environment. For example, the days become shorter, the temperature has dropped and the leaves are changing colour. These signs mean that summer has been over and autumn has arrived.


Autumn is the magical season that you have the cosy evening with cool temperatures. Also, you can dress beautifully in your spectacular and comfortable clothes like jumper, UGG, coat and scarves. Importantly, autumn is the best season for going out. There are tons of festivals and activities that you can chill and enjoy in this season. Obviously, Halloween and Thanksgiving are the big worldwide events that everyone’s expected in every autumn. But here are top six festivals in each corner of the world  celebrating in autumn

1.Day of the Dead

Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Latin American and many Spanish-speaking countries. It is spread over two days in the beginning of November. Day of Dead or los Muertos honours and protects those who have passed and to symbolise the relationship Mexicans have with death.

The most iconic symbol you’ll see in this holiday is La Mictecacihuatl.Catrica, a statement-making skeletal figure wearing an adorable dress and hat. The root of La Catrica originally came from the urban legend that she refers to Aztec death goddess


     2.Bonfire Night

Bonfire is also known as Fireworks’ Night or Guy Fawkes Night. It is celebrated in Great Brain for dating back to the Gunpowder of 1605. When the group of conspirators, leading by Guy Fawkes was planning to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I. However, the plan was failed as the group was arrested before starting blow up. On the fifth of November, every year is the anniversary of Fawkes’s arrest, the night is celebrated with fireworks and bonfires. In biggest event of Bonfire night are located in London and Glasgow.


Divali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated throughout the majority of Indian people and people in worldwide who are Hindu, Sikhs, Janists and Buddhists. The propose of Divali is to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. It can be called as the festival of lights. The festival date is determined by the position of the moon and the date for this year, 2017, is on October 19. Diwali is celebrated by setting of the fireworks all over the sky and lighting candles called divas or diyas.


      4.Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn festival is also known as Moon Festival or the Moon Cake Festival. It is a harvest celebration festival for Chinese and Vietnamese people. The date is determined on the mid between September and October based on the traditional East Asian lunar calendar, which fell on October 4 for this year (2017). This night of full moon is significant for a family as they will be gathering, thanksgiving and praying. Most cities in China and Vietnam are decorated with stunning and colourful paper lanterns for celebration. Another symbol of this festival is mooncakes, the traditional Chinese pastry. Eating mooncakes is the representative custom of Mid-Autumn Festival. Also, the mooncake represents the family reunion symbol. Traditionally, it is equally cut into the number of people in a family.

Moon cake


5.Yi Peng and Loy Kratong

Loy Kratong and Yi Peng are Thailand’s festival held in full moon night of November, for this year is November 2-4. Loy Kratong is an enchanted festival celebrated the water goodness, Mae Kongkha (Mother of Waters) by floating a decorated basket (Kra Tong) down a river. After that, Thai people float the sky lanterns and float them in the air. The reason of this is to let all bad things float away. In that night, the sky shines with the light of the lanterns and the river decorates with beautiful Kra Tongs.

      6.Koyo Autumn Leave festival

‘Koyo’ in Japanese means colour leaves. This festival is celebrated the autumn season with the colourful red and golden yellow leaves from the tree along the park. It is located differently every year. This year, the festival takes place at Showa Kinen Park. The root of the festival comes from a popular activity of Japanese for centuries because they usually gather around to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the autumn with friends and families. All travellers and tourists will experience the most spectacular view of famous Koyo spots that show the numbers of beautiful red and yellow foliage from ginkgo trees and maple trees against the autumn sky and stunning landscape architecture and nature of Japan. Also, there are various events, shops and activities in there. The festival is from November 3-11, 2017.

Article by Promporn Withayanuphap




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