Scoolook has been accepted for the Natwest Pre-Accelerator programme !

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What is a Pre-Accelerator ?                                       

Scoolook is now inside the Pre-Accelerator and Fintech Accelerator programmes, this could be the final step to grow up quicly and excellently! Now let’s go inside the meaning of this process. It had been tailored to empower entrepreneurs at any stage. It’s an amazing journey that is fully funded, and you don’t even have to be a NatWest customer.

On what criteria are applications assessed ?

We have set criteria that we use to assess your suitability and that of your business to join the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, Pre-Accelerator or Fintech Accelerator.

What we judge you on is simple and directly related to what will be asked of you on the programme. We want to make sure we can get the best out of you so that you can get the best out of us.

The kinds of things we consider are:

1.   1. Are you the owner or decision maker in your business?

2.  Are you working full time on this business ? 

3.   3. Do you know there are customers who want your product or service?

4.   4. Do you employ staff?

5.   5. Are you aiming to build your team?

6.   6. Are you looking to grow or scale your business?

7.   7. If you business is already growing are you committed to accelerating that growth?

8.  8. Please note however that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. These are just the principal things we need to know about. So   please bear these things in mind if you apply.

9.   9. They will also help us determine whether your business is better suited to our Pre-Accelerator

Would you like to create a new start up ? 

It  Offers entrepreneurs:

1.    1. An introductory ‘Ignition’ event

2.    2. An online learning portal

3.    3. Webinars and digital workshops

1.    4. Celebratory wrap-up event


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