Ideas that will change our world

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This article gives infomation about future technology. 

We can read about 22 future technologies that could change or world soon. 

They are : 

1/ Self-healing ‘living concrete’

2/ Living robots

3/ Tactile virtual reality

4/ Internet for everyone

5/ 760mph trains

6/ Heart monitoring T-shirt

7/ Coffee power

8/ Drown forest fires in sound

9/ The AI scientist

10/ Space balloon

11/ Cancer-detecting ‘smart needles’

12/ Breathalyser cars

13/ Crowd-sourced antibiotics

14/ Car batteries that charge in 10 minutes

15/ Smart food labels

16/ Self-driving trucks

17/ £3 pain-free tattoo removal

18/ Artificial neurons on silicon chips

19/ Floating farms

20/ The four-day working week

21/ Pleistocene Park

22/ Near-perfect insulation

To read the full article here is the link for theses futures technologies: