How to speak a new language fluently faster

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How to speak a new language fluently faster

This article talks about 10 tips to learn a new language fluently faster

1. Talk when you read and write

Writing is a really important part of language learning, so you should never neglect it. You need to complete different exercises that challenge you to answer questions, choose the right word that fits into a sentence, write essays and compose email messages.

Read anything that you read or write in your target language out loud.

Don’t be afraid to get silly and try to mimic the accent of a true native while doing this. Once you get in an actual conversation, your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary will shine through proper speech. You’ll also get a confidence boost, which is extremely valuable for progress.

2. Think

- Think in the target language 

3. Watch movies with subtitles 

- Write the words you don't know

- Try to pronounce them with the good accent

- Watch the movie again without reading the subtitles

4. Imitate!

- Imitate the speeches, accents and pronunciations of actors

5. Listen to local music and learn the musics

- Fun

- Connects to the culture

- Listen with lyrics

- Follow the flow of the words

6. Read local literature

- Understand the rhythm of the language

- Learn poetic expression

7. Find a language learning buddy

- Learning with a friend

- Correct each other

8. Talk to a native speaker

- Natives have a better language than your friends

9. Travel

- Meet many native speakers

- See and feel the country from the inside

10. Analyse different dialects

- Learn specific words

- The same words are pronounced differently depending of the areas

- Find new heights to reach