Explore Germany – 15 Things To Do In Germany

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Germany is a country rich in history, and with so many castles. Read what this person has to say after three amazing years in the country, and he constantly wants to go back and explore Germany!
The following list has his 15 things to do in Germany. This is just a small part, to read the full article by Casey LaClair click on the link at the end. Casey is a young travel enthusiast. Having a career in Satellite Communications and pursuing a degree in Computer Science, most of his time is spent hunkered over a keyboard. This love of technology and travel led him to create https://www.viraflare.com (ViraFlare) to spread his joy of travel and help others find their way on the road. 
Neuschwanstein Castle
The inspiration for the Disney castle, Neuschwanstein has quite the history and some amazing architecture...to learn more about it go to the full article.
Zugspitze Massif
"It's Germany’s highest peak is nestled in the Alps at 2,962 meters above sea level..."
Berlin Wall
"The Berlin Wall is a phenomenal experience not because it’s an astonishing sight..."
"German festivals (not just Oktoberfest) are always a wonderful experience..."
BMW Museum
"This one is on the list for the auto fanatics, but it’s also still a great museum to visit even if you’re not..."
Brandenburg Gate
 "...it stands as a sign of unity and an important monument for German citizens. If your are interested in to making a tour you'll find a booking link on the full article. 
Cologne Cathedral
"Since construction started in 1248, the Cologne Cathedral has stood tall and a testament to the beauty of gothic architecture..."
Black Forest
"The Black Forest is actually a large portion of Germany at over 2,320 sq miles..."
Christmas Markets
"This is a great addition to the list because it doesn’t really depend on where in Germany you go, but when." It's a must seen.
Europa Park
"If you’re into theme parks and exciting rides, then Europa Park is the place to be."
This is a smaller/lesser-known destination and thankfully doesn’t get too crowded...you can read more about Heidelberg in the full article. 
"Konigsee is a great place to take it easy and enjoy nature...."
 "...Rothenburg is a well-preserved town featuring much of the “old style” of building."
"Germany’s largest island and a must-see view, Rugen offers plenty to do for anyone looking to relax and experience German culture...."
Englischer Garten
"...a walk through the Englischer Garten is a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

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