Australia fires: Misleading maps and pictures go viral.

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Article by: Georgina Rannard - BBC News

On this article the author talks about the way users on the social media are spreading misleading maps regarding the fires. 

The fire in Australia is lasting for months and have killed 25 people so far and destroyed over 2000 homes. 

Some famous artists have used the artists Anthony Hearsey visualisation of one month in Australia and spread it as being real.

Did Rihanna:

Misleading symbols

Another widely shared map of flame icons dotted across the country claims to show "all the fires burning in Australia".

That data incorporates "any heat source that is hotter than its surroundings... This may include gas flares, refinery furnaces or highly reflective large industrial roofs", according to its website.

BBC says that means that the symbols are not guaranteed to indicate actual fires.

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BBC News made maps of Australia fires:

Read the full article and check all the Data  HERE !