11 Of The Weirdest Foods Eaten Around The World

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11 Of The Weirdest Foods Eaten Around The World

Weird, strange and interesting foods and delicacies are what we live for here at Travel Food Atlas. If there is an odd, bizarre, gross or disgusting recipe being eaten in some culture in some country anywhere in the world, we will be there to document it!

On this article, travel Food Atlas have collected so many unique and interesting recipes from around the globe that they wanted to count down the most bizarre findings so far! From Africa to Oceania, Europe to South America with stopovers in Asia and North America, some of these delicacies are simply outrageous!

They have listed: 

11. Stuffed moose heart in Canada

10. Crocodile skewer (or gator kebabs) in Australia/USA

9. Cow’s stomach (tripas) tacos in Mexico

8. Deep fried butter balls in the USA

7. Goats intestines (Buchada de bode) from Brazil

6. Cuy (guinea pig) in Peru

5. Bulls testicles (criadillas) in Argentina

4. LIVE “dancing shrimp” goong ten in Thailand

3. Kiviak – dead birds stuffed into a dead seal in Greenland

2. Snake soup in China

1. Sheeps HEAD! (Smalahove) in Norway

For pictures (and recepies LOL) visit the article by Travel Food Atlas https://travelfoodatlas.com/11-weirdest-foods-eaten-around-world