10 Quirky Concept cafés and restaurants around the world

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The theme-concept cafe is trending in nowadays because the way we dine is different from the past. Of course, the food is the essential element of choosing where we are going to walk in but the unique decorations and creative menus make the place more attractive. We introduce you to 10 weird and fun concept cafes and restaurants that have changed the whole idea of common cafes and restaurant ever.  

1.Cereal Killer, UK

2. Snake Café, Japan

 3. Sailor Moon Café, Japan

4. Molecule Water Cafe, USA

5. The Modern Toilet, Hong Kong

6. The Sweatshop, France

7. Zauo, Japan


8. Grand View Cafe, USA

9. Dine in the Dark, Thailand

10. Cannibalistic Restaurant, Japan


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Article by Promporn Withayanuphap