About Scoolook


About Scoolook

Scoolook is a social network tool for education designed to work with 3 different types of companies/individuals: Educational Centres, Agencies and Students. It helps people to find, select, comment, read, research and exchange information about Educational Centres worldwide; it also helps the agencies to increase their sales and requests for quotes through our embed Scoolook Quote System (SQS); and it helps the Educational Centres to study the market prices as well as the advertising benefits and SQS access.

Educational Centres

The Scoolook community will help Educational Centres connect with people keen to study and live abroad. Centres can share their courses and social activities, look for new students and establish new business contacts. It will also provide a great advertising tool and give the centre access to our SQS Calculator.

The SQS is a fee calculator which can be updated at any time. Educational Centres can enter their prices, providing an immediate quote. It is a great tool for centres which do not have a fee calculator online as the SQS calculator can be embedded in the website code and also on the Educational Centre’s Facebook® page.

Centres can upload documents such as brochures and terms and conditions, and users can download them.

Centres can add the Scoolook logo on their pages along with the other social networks’ logos.


Agencies will find Scoolook really useful. It can help them to increase their sales and promote the Educational Centres more effectively. With our unique embedded code system they can add our fee calculator to their websites, providing live quotes for all those visiting their websites.


Scoolook makes it easy for students to find Educational Centres and provides new options by giving them a wide variety of Educational Centres to choose from.

Users can vote for and select a wide variety of Educational Centres online.


Today, living abroad has become a necessity; people are going to a lot of trouble to continue their education after compulsory schooling, and this can be viewed as an investment: further education has the potential of bringing future financial and cultural gain. People make this investment directly by paying tuition fee and indirectly by losing their job and therefore losing income. Like any other investment, the financial return can be calculated: those with higher levels of education have a higher earning capacity, so continuing education becomes a real financial incentive.

“A well-educated population is essential for economic and social development; societies therefore have a real interest in ensuring that children and adults have access to a wide range of educational opportunities.”(Education at a Glance 2012)

In most  countries, formal education lasts about 13 years but these days a 5 year old child can expect to complete more than 17 years of education by the time they are 40.

Some interesting facts:

-More than 4.1 million students were enrolled outside their country of citizenship in 2010.

-More than three quarters of 4 year olds (79%) are enrolled in early childhood education.

-In 25 countries, 80% or more of 15-19 year olds are in education, with girls on average slightly ahead of boys.

-The proportion of 20-29 year olds in education increased substantially in 20 countries between 2009 and 2010, compared with 2005 - 2010 and numbers are expected to continue growing.

-Australia, Austria, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have the highest percentages of international students among their tertiary students.

-Asians account for 52% of all students studying abroad worldwide. In absolute terms, the largest numbers of international students are from China, India and Korea.

Source: OECD (2012), “How many students study abroad and where do they go?”, in Education at a Glance 2012: Highlights, OECD Publishing.


Students and Agencies have free use.

Educational Centres get 1 months free trial. After the trial period the school can choose one of the following packages to keep their profiles live:

 - 1 Year Membership for:    £300.00  (Save £60.00)

 - 30 Days Membership for: £30.00

Next semester we are organizing to launch the agencies portal on Scoolook where partners will be able to save, apply discounts and send the quotes directly from our system.

We hope you enjoy our fee calculator.


Scoolook Team


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